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Dark Fetish, Eroticism, BDSM, Human Interconnection

Nymphetamine refers to a drug-like addiction to the world of sexuality, eroticism and love. This world is certainly a world of darkness, but in reconciling with that darkness you can find true liberation. Nymphetamine can take seemingly opposing forces; pain and pleasure, love and cruelty, fear and desire, and bring them into harmony. In the embrace of darkness, under cover of darkness, one is freed from the constraints of the everyday world. This is what I offer to you.


Headed by Milla Reika「Nymphetamine」was established in 2011 as a SM/Fetish and Kinbaku performance group, performing at various events throughout the Kansai and the Kanto regions of Japan. In addition to performances, Nymphetamine is also active in the underground SM, Gothic and Body Modification scene. Our aim is to create a haven where many worlds collide ぶつかる and blur their edges 混じり合う: pain and pleasure, dignity and humiliation, suffering and relief, beauty and ugliness…. Where opposite concepts do not exist but are one and the same.”)


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